How is it so easy?
After I’ve given the best of me
After I’ve waited and accepted impossible things
After I drank my own tears
While I strained to trust
And learned to keep my eyes open
How is an apology as careless as breathing?
How long ago did you decide you were leaving?
Pardon me, naive and believing
But I am not myself and I haven’t been
And i am not these putrid rags I am standing in
It’s what’s beneath
The part you well know
The secret part like buried gold
How then is it easy to let go?




Photo by. Allison Owens


There’s a piece of my soul
That belongs to no one but you
It can’t be helped, or calmed or cured
And you’d be certain
If you were my first love

There’s a piece of my soul
That aches for you
Your voice in my ear is like rain
Falling on dry, cracked ground
Of this you’d be certain

I would show you everyday

If you were my first love
I’d pray you’d be my last
And that our end was just as lovely
As when we first began


Too Big for My Britches: A Look at What I Wanted to Be

At it again….

Inspired Prompt

by Allie Owens Crockett

cat-71494_1280It’s been a little while since you’ve heard from me, but I’m here today to continue our discussion on at what we wanted to be when we grew up.

There’s nothing like the imagination of a child. I remember being asked in kindergarten and again when I was nearing high school graduation. What did I want to be? Well, something of the sort. And oh how my answer has varied over that stretch of time.

Once upon a time, I thought I might like to be a Veterinarian. When it became clear that I would become responsible for administering shots to sweet little puppies and kittens, my interest wilted. Other than that small diversion, I have always been undeniably drawn to the arts. I used to see commercials for Welch’s grape juice, or Manwich or whatever, and I’d think to myself, “Hey, I could do that!”…

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Picking up the pieces
That’s just what you do
When you recover
From the blow
Life hurls at you
You put up or shut up
You bend or you brake
Rising early
To clear your plate
Rehearsing under your breath
Every sun set brings a new day
Every scar starts to fade

Do You Miss Me Now

This is really part of an original song. In my head I hear the fabulous Hayley Williams, of Paramore rockin it out. Meh…a girl can dream, right?

° ° °

I hope your arms ache to hold me
In the middle of the night
Every hour you lie awake in bed
When you’re trying to swallow what you said
And unwish your mistake
I was the real thing
That’s what you told me
You should have never let me go