‘Tis A New Day


Who is this Allie Owens Crockett?  I’m so glad you asked. It’s me, that’s who, and I’m at it again. I have long abandoned my former blog about nutrition, motherhood and everything green and crunchy. Even still, starting this blog has less to do with me giving up on a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, and more to do with me wanting to be a writer when I grow up. Yes, I said when I grow up. I am by no means a pro in this arena, though I do believe I may have something up my sleeve to offer both the casual and avid reader.

I have always been a sucker for flowery words and clever phrases. I like witnessing the power they possess to stir emotion and captivate vast audiences. Writing is not what I want to do because I did so well in English… because I only did “ok”. In fact, if you haven’t caught one of my grammatical errors yet, I’m sure you will soon enough (just keep reading).

So what have I got in the works, you say? Right now, I am tying the loose ends of my first novel (A Perfect Tuesday) and hashing out its sequel. In another post, I will divulge more details about the story and its characters. Perhaps I will post an excerpt instead.

What I can tell you now…

My book is a fictional story of a mother and daughter, who have to make sense of the broken pieces of their life after tragedy leaves it in shambles. If you want to know more, you’ll have to stick close. I am delighted that I have broken through the tape at just over 60,000 words. This is a major achievement for me considering this is my first go around.

My journey has just yet begun, but being that the whole of this project has been nearly three years in the making, makes me happy that I will very soon have a first draft in hand. As of now, self-publishing seems the most alluring to me, but we’ll see. A lot can change from here to there. In the meantime, I will need to build a strong following and simultaneously grow a network of seasoned people to help me pull this off – LOL! This team must consist of writers, editors, artists, and friends/family with a willing pair of eyes. I thank you all in advance!

Have you any thoughts on self/indie publishing? If so, please share 😉



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