A Week Behind In Both Directions

Well, there’s no getting around it. November is in full swing. The once glorious golden maple in our front yard has lost two-thirds of its leaves. The beauty of the season is only one of the reasons I enjoy this time of year. It’s the one thing that me, Kathrine Heigl, Anne Hathaway, Danny DiVito, Bill Nye and Yanni all have in common. Oh, I forgot, and Jimi Hendrix. Any guesses? Well, if you must know. We are all November babies. Although that is a very special thing, it is not the point of this post. November is also hailed as National Novel Writing Month! So with that being said, today marks the day when I begin the adventure called NanoWriMo. If you are not familiar with NanoWriMo, it is basically where you take on the challenge from Nov 1st to Nov 30th to write a novel. Yep- that’s 50,000+  words in 30 days. (I know, crazy right?) Anyway, being that it is already the 7th means I am a week behind. I went to the website earlier today, to sign up and I feel excited because I’ve wanted to take this on for the last two years.

Now on to the part about why I’m behind. In three words: I got sick. Yeah, last week, the girl who never gets sick, was sick as a dog. I set myself a deadline for the completion of the 1st draft of A Perfect Tuesday (my first book). That date was Oct 31st. It just so happened that I got sick the week before and leading up to Halloween. This put me a weeks worth behind with my first book and a week late beginning my new book for Nano. And thus, I am a week behind in both directions. But now – It. Is. On. Like. Donkey. Kong. #gameface #thats90sKidWordplay4GetErDone

Btw. If you’re interested in learning more about NanoWriMo, visit their page (nanowrimo.com), or check out various participant channels on YouTube. Just type NanoWriMo in the search bar. Beware! NanoWrimers take November very seriously ;))

Thanks for stopping by 👋



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