I <3 Sports.

Are you a sports person? If you aren’t, brace yourself for the rant below. If you are into sports, you’ll totally get where I’m coming from 🙂

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like a good motivational movie where sports are the main focal point. Nothing gets me more hyped than remembering what it was like to sweat and spit and feel your heart racing because you’re drilling another team of weaklings into the ground!! Wooo!! Those were the days.

I’m sorry. The term “weaklings” seems a little bit harsh, but back then it was all about good, clean fun. The truth is, playing sports taught me so much more than what I learned from a school text book. Above all,  it taught me what it means to be apart of and represent something bigger than yourself. It taught me the meaning of team and what it meant to work together. 

It showed me how to capitalize on each others strengths and to trust them under pressure. I learned to buddy up with the best and push myself further than what I thought I could take. I learned to fight to win. But here’s one of the most important things I learned: how to be a good sport when you don’t win. No matter how great your team is ((and my, my we were lol!!)), you don’t always walk away with the trophy. But you can leave the court knowing you gave all you had. I can’t help but feeling like its such a tragedy when people (fans) badmouth their team and what’s worse, when a team player badmouths a fellow team mate. Oh my gosh! The person that does this sort of thing isn’t much better than a traitor in my book.

For goodness sake, if I remember correctly when we played badly….the next practice, coach would make us run for it. All of us. We all knew we had it coming. Why? Because that’s what it means to take it for the team. You play together, win together, lose together and well….run together. Ha! So whether you bleed red, blue or black and gold – please stay true to your team and always represent what you stand for. And another thing, don’t be a hater. God-forbid you can’t say “good-game” when the winning team isn’t your own. #goodgame #sportsaremorethanfun #growup #trybetternexttime

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