What’s Best About Cooler Weather

 ImageI’m sitting here, pondering the things I enjoy about the weather growing colder. I say that because there is not much I despise more that being cold. Heat I can deal with, but facing the cold without a fluffy pair of socks or a hoodie, that’s too much to ask. The cold makes it hard to focus and generally puts me in a state of hibernation. Not to mention, the cold makes me more irritable than the few things in this world that annoy me.

Yes, even more than yappy dog breeds and potpourri (two other things that really seem to get under my skin.) No offense to you little dog lovers out there, but try as I might to love them, it only works just as much as holding your nose to eat a mouthful of beets.  Assuming of course, that beets aren’t your favorite veggie either. Who knows, maybe I’ve never had them properly prepared.

A glass half full is a little more inviting. And being that this post is not about the things that irk me, but rather the things I do enjoy about the weather changing, I have to say the item at the top of my list is comfort food. My favorite comfort foods for the season are soups and stews; vegetable  beef, broccoli & cheddar, or white chili with onions, avocado, sour cream and cheese on top. #YUM

Next comes cocoa and tea. If it’s warm and delicious and you can slurp it from a bowl, I’m pretty much in love with the idea. I don’t think I have always enjoyed soups, but lately I can’t get over the bold flavors, rich fragrances and the tantalizing sensation as the steam rises to my nostrils 😉  The scents of the season could be another category in and of itself. What can match the cool crisp scent of autumn leaves, and pine and chimney’s getting all warmed up for the Winter? Just today I was at the store trying to find a scent, a candle, something so that I could come home and throw my own private pep-rally to welcome all the joy of the coming months. The blends are so creative sounding too. I mean, who could resist names like “Purely Peppermint” or “Pumpkin Souffle”? By the time I had a sniff of them all, I felt that not only did I want one of each, I clearly needed one of each. I also nearly induced another headache.

The last and best thing that I love about this time of year is all the family time. For many, it’s obvious that the holidays provoke these warm fuzzy feelings. But there is no getting around it, the cool weather just has a way of making you want to snuggle up and get cozy with the ones you love. On the other hand, when I was pregnant, I didn’t feel much like being touchy-feely, but the cool air worked wonders for my hot-flashes. Sure hope I have the luxury of being with child during the cooler months next time around. Maybe 😉 Let’s see, did I forget anything?

Thanks for stopping by this evening! Catch ya later!


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