Thrill Seekers. Thrill Finders.

I never realized how adventurous I truly am until I thought about the meaning of the word. I’ve always liked to try new things, go new places and befriend people that many overlook. Being a SAHM has its own challenges, so sometimes I have to go find a new adventure, and by find I actually mean write one. This post is more or less about how important strong characters are to a dynamic story.

Everyone loves a good adventure. It’s the whole point behind the cinematic experience we call a movie. The sights and sounds take us there, but we fall in love with fantastic characters from bizarre worlds and the dramatic situational problems that occur in places such as these.

I don’t know if it’s a saying or not, but if it isn’t, it should be. Behind every great movie is a great read. That may not always be the case, but there is no getting around the fact that some of the greatest movies of all time were books first. Even Thor is from a comic (book). And take the Hobbit for example, it may not be the best thing I’ve ever seen (for all you film-buffs out there), but my mom read it in high school!

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I have this idea that if my stories make it to the big screen then I have arrived. But the truth is, books are the timeless ones. That’s just a little something I keep tucked away in my mind to keep me focused, or else, I can forget about making a name for myself being an author and just start writing for the screen. Even if given the opportunity, there is a reason why I wouldn’t give up writing books. It may be hard to understand for those that don’t enjoy reading, but it is just as much of a thrill to write the adventure with your own pen as it is to crack the spine. It’s all about the experience.

If I decide to write something, it is my responsibility to develop my ideas and fine tune every detail. It is my duty to learn and explore territory I may or may not be familiar with. For instance, Jamey Lewis Kusik another central character in my book A Perfect Tuesday, well, he is a star-status musician; (think John Mayer). What do I know about living that sort of lifestyle? Not a lot. But I read, I listen to a bunch of music and I try my best to decode lyrics laced with riddles and soul confessions. Yes, I just went that deep lol. After that I add the magic of my imagination. These are things I somewhat understand as I am also a songwriter. But in order for my story to transcend social boundaries and translate into the surround-sound experience it’s meant to be;  I am forced to be brutally honest about the types of joys, fears and disappointments a handsome young man like him might genuinely contend with.

Since the book is a fictional story of their lives, as the story matures, so do the people in my story. I could liken it to the experience of having children and watching them grow up, go to college and move away. I am pretty attached to my characters and feel proud of the people they’re becoming. My hope is that when the time comes to share them with the rest of the world, they will be found as funny, and charming and courageous as I’ve always known they were from the first time I held them in my mind’s eye.  That’s what’s in this thing for me, and sometimes they still surprise me! : ) The process is progress and going along for the ride is just as fun as reaching my destination.

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