American Idol Syndrome


These are the questions that boggle my mind on a Friday evening such as this…..

I want to write about real people. People that are vulnerable, and anxious; the kind of people that loose their keys every once in a while or forget to charge their cellphone at night. This may not seem that important, but I think it is. Who wants to read about someone who gets everything right all the time. Not me. The number one reason is because I don’t find it very relatable. It just isn’t. Life isn’t perfect and neither are people. What is a story without flaws?

Now, on to what’s really on my mind. Why is it that everyone has to be known for their talents? I mean think about it. People are either known for what they do well or not so well. If one’s talents are not something that can be used out in the open, then those talents are considered lesser than. Whoever came up with this idea should be tarred, feathered and hung by their toenails. Now, of course it’s different for those who make a living from what they are most talented at doing. It’s also different if you enjoy doing something you aren’t particularly good at. Hobbies make room for these pleasures. But why. oh why, do people that can’t carry a tune in the bucket continually grace stage after stage with their presence? I think it’s because the society, a well-oiled machine at large, is having a complete and total identity crisis. Not many know who they are. This is why we continue to praise those who sing and act over those that clean up the water that dripped from the ceiling, so the entertainers don’t slip and break their neck before they make it to the microphone.

That brings me to my next point. There is a lady at McDonald’s. Every time I see her she quietly does her job and humbly smiles in my direction. Who knows, she may not sack the leading role in the newest motion picture, but she is a phenomenal window washer. Who knows, she could have a voice that would have put the late Whitney Huston to shame (RIP Whitney). All I’m saying is this. Let people be who they are. Let’s encourage others to do what they do best and not what we think deserves an applause. So if you sing, get to know your craft and sing your heart out! If you write, use your pen to write powerful things! If you do neither, just keep doing what you couldn’t do without. I hope I can manage to thread the essence of this thought throughout my work; writing timeless characters as vulnerable and irreplaceable as you are!

Don’t be such a clone. Let’s trash this American Idol Syndrome.

Have a great weekend!



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