Picture Perfect

As I sit here, agonizing over my first draft, it’s really got me thinking on just how much work there is left to be done. Which cover artist do I use? Do I start a project on KickStarter? Do I go with a big-name publisher or just upload my work to Amazon? There are a lot of questions to be answered. Dreaming and creating, that’s the fun part. But in order to make this masterpiece happen, I’ve gotta do the ground work. What I really need to do is push the reset button. Do you know what I did last night? Besides not move an inch after my body collapsed into bed. No, but that was after I actually “went” to bed. That’s right, while the rest of my family was snoring away, I was up past 5am this morning, typing. I have been analyzing and re-analyzing my book; the flow of the plot, the power of the story and the realism of my characters and their circumstances. This is not because I doubt myself, but because when I think of someone catching my mistakes or not understanding something I could have made clearer, well…it’s just scary. What’s even scarier is, the story is done but here I am editing my work to be EDITED! Helping correct my mistakes is kind of the point. So why am I stressing over it? IDK.

I have read up on this. OK, OK. What I really mean to say is that I’ve done my research, because I’ve watched mostly videos about writing your first draft. There are many different theories about this, but two main ideas that stick out in my mind.

1.) Don’t worry, think or rethink, just write!  or

2.) Plan, then write, proof and write some more.

While the idea of correcting while you work slows you down, being a little more efficient and a lot less-careless in the beginning is supposed to make clean up easier. I have to admit I’ve done a little of both. But as I am only an up and coming novelist, I don’t exactly know what I’m talking about.

Forgive me if my thoughts seem scattered. This post is more or less about what comes along with perfecting things as I go along so all the perfectionists won’t get their undies in a bunch. And more importantly so I won’t be found out; that I’m imperfect. The struggle is real, people.

Here’s a question for you. Why does it seems most people care about outward matters even more than inward matters? Do you think it’s because we live in a society that judges things primarily by how they appear? That would be about like me taking the cover of my book more seriously than my story. Don’t get me wrong, what’s on the outside holds huge importance because it gives a first impression, but it’s the story the makes the cover come alive. Is it strange that I find such great freedom in desiring to give my best out of an excellent spirit and admitting my imperfections? In the end, I can come away from this post truthfully seeking a healthy balance between the two. So that’s just what I’ll do. I’m going to stop being a slave-driver to my creative-genius, give my manuscript another honest look-over and be done with it. On to the second draft!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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