The Power to Read

I recently became interested in trying to find ways to engage my three year old’s young mind, namely in the arena of reading. One would probably assume that I would be the most excited about teaching my little one to read, being that I am a writer of stories and such. I was also a preschool teacher at one point and so I happen to be well acquainted with just how fun this age can be. Working with this age, although entertaining, is equally as challenging.

Everyone thinks their kid is the next Einstein, right? But really, to be completely honest, my son’s brilliance is a teensy bit intimidating at times. This is especially true since he doesn’t really talk that much and has been three since August. It was initially quite alarming, that my child isn’t as talkative as me or his father. With that being said, we are on the road of Speech Therapy and my therapist friend has assured me that he’s got words in there- so we’re good! But the most refreshing thing is all I’m learning along the way. He hasn’t been interested in talking (my mother would tell you that my younger brother was the same way) but he has always been rather serious, and something he does want to do is try new and even puzzling things. Reading could be placed in this category for some. When he was a baby I could often find him in a quiet nook somewhere flipping through his books. So I have to say, what entices me most to start him on his way to reading is so he can continue to explore and fully enjoy it for himself.

As we speak, I am at a table with my usual (white chocolate mocha) over at Barnes & Noble. It is a nice place to be. The irony is that while bookstores and libraries are known to be hush zones, they are hypothetically some of the loudest places on earth; so many books, so many voices. Anyhow, I am essentially up here for some alone time in the land of the living; getting in some writing time as well as some well needed breathing room from the tucked-away SAHM life that I lead. Before sitting down and opening my laptop, I wanted to peruse the books in the Education section for one book in particular. Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons by Siegfried Engelmann. The text claims to be able to teach my young three to read in 100, 15-20min lessons. I liked what I saw, but we’ll see.

I also spotted books such as What to Read When, The Book Whisperer and one called Using Picture Books to Teach Writing With Traits that really awoke my inner-teacher. I should also add that the idea of homeschooling has kind of always been a lingering thought, as I was home schooled for a few years. I feel it is a very relative and efficient consideration, as I can custom design a curriculum that I believe is best suited for my little boy. It is one of my main goals to encourage his strengths and exercise his weaknesses, all the while honing my story-weaving skills. I would count it an honor to one day pen adventurous, awe-inspiring stories for my son and his peers to discover. In the meantime, I feel the need to make a library run to search for the resources I found today 🙂

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