An Author to Look Up To ~ With Regina Tittel

As an amateur writer, I am like a baby, always learning from the people around me and the situations I find myself in. Today I’m happy to have Regina Tittel as guest here at Once Upon a Page!

 Naturally,Regina Tittel I have a lot of questions about what it takes to write a bestseller and where to get inspiration. But I just put together a few that Regina was happy to answer.  Regina is the self-published author of The Ozark Durham Series and a writer of inspirational fiction. She is also a Christian homeschooling mother that stewards her home and family and still finds time to touch the lives of her readers with phenomenal heart-felt stories of faith and love. An Author to look up to!

What’s your favorite book and Author (if they don’t coincide) and how have they impacted your life? Have they influenced your style of writing?

It’s hard to pin a favorite. I was deeply impressed by the Phantom of the Opera and the author’s ability to move the reader so deeply. But what inspired me to write were Love Inspired novels. One particular novel by Dana Mentink called Killer Cargo always sticks with me. The suspense is riveting and the plot constantly exciting, with an added surprise at the end. That combination is what I want to create with each story I write.

When did you know you were an Author?

I had written a song and a few poems, but I didn’t have the heart of a writer until 2008 which is when I began Abandoned Hearts, the first volume of The Ozark Durham Series.

In five words or less, what do you want to be known for as a writer?

How about ten words or less? Lol “An exciting author who tackles tough spiritual issues.”

What’s new? 

I just released the fifth and last book of The Ozark Durham Series, Devoted Mission.

Here’s the back blurb:

Emily Durham, a devoted missionary on furlough, thinks her summer job as nanny to two adopted children is perfect. But instead of a position with a happy family, she is tossed into the middle of tension, suspicion, and danger. Fighting against the clock, Dillon Brewington has to find who’s behind the increasingly deadly attempts against his brother. However, he might have made the wrong decision in teaming up with the children’s captivating nanny. Distracted and falling fast, he learns of another, completely unexpected, threat—his love for Emily.

Can he sacrifice the feelings in his heart for the sake of her calling?

Can she?

With this story I wanted to convey the importance of prayer and how to pray the full armor of God. I also wanted to draw attention to the sacrifice of missionaries. My sister-in-law is one and I’m very proud of her and others like her.

Devoted Mission is now available on Amazon as an ebook and will soon be available in print.

Connect with Regina visit


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