My Favorite Problems

“Israel [Jacob] loved Joseph more than any of his other sons because he was the child of his old age. And he made him an elaborately embroidered coat. When his brothers realized that their father loved him more than them, they grew to hate him—they wouldn’t even speak to him.” GENESIS 37:3-4

If you’ve ever stood around wishing you could be the “most liked”, then you should probably realize that the cost is much higher than you believe. The “most liked” are also the (most likely) to be held in contempt, (most likely) to be misunderstood, and (most likely) be taken for granted by their peers.

“His brothers said, “So! You’re going to rule us? You’re going to boss us around?” And they hated him more than ever because of his dreams and the way he talked.” Genesis 37:8

It reminds me a lot of learning the responsibility of being the oldest child in your family – all eyes are on you whether you flourish or you fail. So the next time you get picked last or not at all, just remember – it stinks being second, but the truth is, being the favorite is an assignment not an award. In the end, everyone gets blessed! Just ask Joseph. You can find his story in the Bible (Genesis chapters 37-50). If you aren’t familiar with what happened to him and his family, ready yourself for an adventure!

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