Celebrity Hearts


I think at some point in time, everyone imagines what it might be like to be in a celebrity relationship. We see how many times they fall for this person and that person and how many times they remarry. We wonder if we could ever love someone like that. We ask ourselves the burning question… “Could I be loved by someone like that?”

As a preteen I was in love with JTT, Hanson, Leo and several other 90’s heartthrobs. Soon after I fell for Corey’s big brother Eric (Will Friedle) from Boy Meets World. I know, don’t laugh too hard. I can’t explain it. I don’t know, maybe it was the hair? I was definitely intrigued by the whole guy next door vibe. All I remember is going away to summer camp for a week and coming away a part of the fan club. If you were a 90’s kid, I’m sure you can relate.

In my book A Perfect Tuesday, singer-songwriter Jamey Lewis Kusik is pretty high on the totem pole to be fraternizing with widows and orphans, but at a certain point in the story – that’s exactly where we find him. He doesn’t know that falling for a single mother (Tuesday) from a small town means falling even harder for a little girl named Dahlia. When Tuesday sprains her ankle at the county fair and has no one to help her – it’s Jamey to the rescue. Under the otherwise awkward and unlikely circumstances, Dahlia asks for a lullaby before bed. He recounts his childhood and writes her a song on the spot. The bond that begins to form between he and Tuesday’s six year old daughter makes it hard for Jamey to imagine going back to stardom. How could he leave them?

Dahlia’s Lullaby

Hey Dahlia, you and me are quite alike

My mother used to read me the same old story every night

But there used to be a monster in my closet

And another hairy creature lived right beneath my bed and mother always said


Think of me and I won’t be far

Close your eyes and rest your hand upon your heart

And I’ll be wherever you are

And I’ll be wherever you are


Hey Dahlia, you and me are quite the same

My daddy left when I was just about your age

Those days were sad and I swore when I got mad

Wish he’d just love my mother and come on home

So when I felt most alone

I’d sing think of me….

Hope you enjoyed a closer look at A Perfect Tuesday! Yes- I will be making the music available for your listening pleasure along with other songs inspired by the story… so stay tuned!



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