Stop Blinking My Way

Have you ever been staring into a blank Word document, and been royally irritated by the short blinking line? Even the app I’m using to write this post, has the annoying flashing cursor. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say. I always have something to say, but the cursor demands that I “say it faster”.

It is my opinion that rushing is never a good idea. Rushing causes you to miss things. Rushing is bff with anxiety and I don’t know about you, but I don’t need that in my life. As a writer, I prefer to take a little time to “say it well”. That doesn’t mean that my spelling and grammar are on point in every post, but I promise you, there is a genuine thought behind what I crank out. This is one reason I’ve slowed-my-roll when it comes to my book. Sure, I could do a rush job and get something out into the world, but I want to publish and experience for my readers, not just another generic story.

Have you ever crammed for an exam or written a 10 page paper the eve of its due date? I have done these types of things many times. It’s funny now, but it was a pain back then. Procrastination is my arch nemesis. As it turns out, I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. When I say perfectionist, think “stealth perfection”, because what I really am is a sloppy piles type of person that desires a level of pristine that even I don’t feel I can obtain. I know! Sick isn’t it? I mean, who holds the bar higher than they can reach on their tippy toes? This girl has a bad habit of it.

Someone else that struggles in this area is the protagonist, in my soon-to-be-published novel, A Perfect Tuesday. Tuesday Porter does it with MUCH more grace than I, because she is a sincere perfectionist. First of all, she’s a teacher. She’s got “orderly”down. She’s also a coupon-cutting, reliable, neat freak. On my best day, I fantasize about being more than one of those at the same time. The truth is, I’m not. So if you ever wonder about ways I might have written myself into the fabric of Tuesday, you’ve read about it here and now. I guess you could say that me and Tuesday are on similar journeys. She learns the same thing I’m learning at this stage of my life, which is RELAX BEFORE YOU HAVE A RELAPSE! No, but really. Rushing is for the birds. Yes, the early bird gets the worm, but it is truly the God of Heaven that provides for them. I am convinced He cares even more for me.

This doesn’t mean I can be lazy, it just means slow down because there are little treasures along the way. These are nuggets meant to enrich my experience. Taking the “rush” out of it, will help me enjoy the process. However, there is still a healthy drive that is a must. This is why I’ve recently renewed my commitment to produce my best. Thankfully, since I’ve seen contentment work as an efficient anchor, I’ll not be swayed off course by my circumstances. I am almost positive I will find a happy medium.




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