….All Aboard!

Happy Monday All! Great things are happening! Two of them happened last week. First off, I won something over at Betty’s blog (read our interview here) Honestly, I just entered to help support the launch of her second edition fantasy, The Lady of the Haven books – available now! But who doesn’t love to win, […]

The Close-Up Continues….

This is the second half of my interview with Jamey Lewis Kusik. The charming, celebrity man-crush in my up and coming novel A Perfect Tuesday. If you missed the first post, it’d be a fab idea to read that before reading on. So here’goes! Getting to Know You : Part 2 =}   ~ Me: […]

Getting to Know You

Can you interview a fictional character? I don’t see why not 😉 How many times have I written about how real my characters have to be? Today’s post is Part 1 of my interview with Jamey Lewis Kusik. This leading gent is a decent blend of John Mayer and the late Heath Ledger. By now, […]