Getting to Know You

Can you interview a fictional character? I don’t see why not 😉 How many times have I written about how real my characters have to be? Today’s post is Part 1 of my interview with Jamey Lewis Kusik. This leading gent is a decent blend of John Mayer and the late Heath Ledger. By now, he is much like an old friend to me.


Beaming with a contagious confidence, Jamey approaches. His eyes are honest and his starry smile is genuine. His glossy auburn hair is perfectly swept away from his face and stops just above his collar. The lime-green laced Converse shoes he’s wearing are custom, his jeans have a relaxed fit in a shade of standard denim and his pink printed T-shirt is hiding beneath a pocketed jacket; it reads Bubblicous.

Jamey: Hello my friend, it’s good to see you… He stretches out his arms to greet me before stepping back to settle in his chair. You look great!

Me: Well thank you – It’s good to see you too, Jamey. Thanks for coming.

Jamey: Thanks for having me. I hope you know that you float through my mind from time to time…

Smoothing my skirt, I sit cautiously on the edge of my seat. As well as I’ve come to know him, I shouldn’t feel as faint as I do when I have his exclusive attention. But the scent from his clothes is caught in the air. I swallow and try to refocus.

Me: (anxious smile) Really?

Jamey: If it weren’t for you, I doubt Tuesday and I would have ever crossed paths…. Yes, really.

Me: Thanks for telling me that, I feel the same way. We’ve known each other for quite some time now, haven’t we?

Jamey: (Nods) We met almost seven years ago in that little whole-in-the-wall coffee shop in Rolla, remember?

Me: I do remember that, only I cannot believe it’s been that long! And we’ve been friends ever since….

Jamey: That’s right, wouldn’t have it any other way…. with a sparkling wink. Must he be such a handsome friend?

Me: (Inhale) So how have you been? How’s life?

Jamey: Aw well, I definitely can’t complain. He grins and runs his fingers over his chin, before bringing his hands together in front of him. Just livin’ the dream.

Me: Yeah? I see that you’re sportin’ a chic goatee there… and…I believe your hair is smidge shorter than when last we saw each other. When he tucks some of his hair behind his ear, I fight the overwhelming urge to keep smiling.

Jamey: (Nods) You know what? It is a smidge shorter….

Me: I thought so…

Jamey: It’s actually five in a half inches shorter then I had it, before. And funny, you’d point it out, but I originally grew my beard out, ya know, to see how long I could go until I cut it all off…..

Me: Let me guess, Tuesday couldn’t deal with it?

Jamey: You… pretty much nailed it. But hey, it’s all about what women want, right? So this for me, it’s kind of the healthy medium between rugged mountain man and baby butt smooth. She’s cool with it as long as it’s no longer than hers. You should see us together now, because she went short also….

Me: (gasp) Did she?

Jamey: I mean, not her beard…she doesn’t have a beard.

Me: Right, I wasn’t going to assume that she’d grown one… Out trickles my amusement, mingled with a gust of his infectious laughter.

Jamey: No, no. But you should see us; we really could pass for brother and sister now.

Me: Oh my gosh, twinsies!

Jamey: Almost – it’s kinda freaky, but it works for us, and that’s all that counts.

Me: Ok, so….this is supposed to be an interview, but I have to be honest, I don’t know exactly where to start with you.

Jamey: Well…we can start wherever you want. Do you have some actual questions for me?

Me: Psssh…do I have questions? Of course…I have tons of questions, but that’s just it. I’m sitting here flipping through them in my mind, but I really want my readers to get to know you. So…. I’m kind of hoping for this to be something a little less candid. If that makes sense….

Jamey: Oh, I see. Well, you know me; I’m like an open book. He leaned back to rest his ankle on his knee. You can ask me whatever you want.

……stay tuned for the continuation of my interview with Jamey! Read Part 2 Here!



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