The Close-Up Continues….

This is the second half of my interview with Jamey Lewis Kusik. The charming, celebrity man-crush in my up and coming novel A Perfect Tuesday. If you missed the first post, it’d be a fab idea to read that before reading on. So here’goes! Getting to Know You : Part 2 =}

interview (1)



Me: Ok, I’m going to go out on a limb, but I am going to tread lightly as Tuesday and I are also friends…. I am curious about you and Tuesday and your difference in age.

His nod was gracious.

Me, again: Did it ever bother you that Tuesday was a little um…ahem… shall we say….more mature than you, or was there something about her that just screamed destiny, so it didn’t matter?

Jamey: Squinting, he slaps his knees and blows out. There isn’t an easy way to answer that one. But her age never really made any difference to me. I also have to say that I was first drawn to her for selfish reasons, I admit. I won’t be offended if you think I was a total slime ball. He grinned and drew out the one I was trying to suppress… I used to be shallow, Allie.

Me: Well just so you know, I think it’s pretty noble, that you can just own up to that.

Jamey: Yeah, I mean, I’m not who I was…..but with that being said, it’s not like you could blame me. You know her. She’s….

Me: Stunning…

Jamey: Isn’t she? Closing his eyes at the thought of her. Tuesday could easily pass for ten years younger than she is. So that night at The Soul Shack, she was just this dangerously beautiful woman sitting alone at the bar. I was completely smitten by her, from the beginning. Laughing at himself. She didn’t care who the heck I was, and quite frankly, wanted nothing to do with me. Naturally, that only made me want to try harder to win her.

Me: Naturally!

Jamey: Now…did I know… we would end up together? No, I’d have to say that it wasn’t until after the accident and everything, that it was out of sheer desperation I found I had to be with her. He shrugged. We’ve been through a lot. I’m just happy she chose me.

Me: You already know this, but I adore the song you wrote for Dahlia. I think it really conveys the special relationship you share with her. Was it hard for you to adjust to the idea of raising Dahlia as your own?

Jamey: That’s a good question. Of course, I was a little hesitant when Tuesday and I started to get more serious. My biggest concern was not knowing how much Dahlia could actually remember about her dad. I never want to get in the way or make her feel like I’ve replaced him. That’s huge, to me.

Me: Yeah, I can see how that would be important…

Jamey: But she’s a little older now and we’re always really open with her if she wants to talk about it. Dahlia’s great, I mean, you really couldn’t ask for a better kid. She’s clever, thoughtful…I’m a really lucky guy.

Me: Do you think she’ll maybe take your last name one day?

Jamey: We haven’t really talked about that yet. Clearing his throat. I think we’re probably going to leave that up to her, but I hope she will.

Me: On that note, are you and Tuesday planning to have any more children in the near future?

Jamey: Really, Allie? His dark eyes rolling back along with his head.

Me: I thought you said I could ask anything?

Jamey: He huffed. I’m not at liberty to talk about that at this time. But it sounds like a fantastic question for my wife. (Smile) We’re open to the idea, how’s that for an answer?

Me: Hey- that works! Let’s wrap it up with a one more. I heard that you are the ultimate family man. That’s what a little bird told me, anyway. Jamey chuckles modestly as he wags his head back and forth with his thumb and pointer finger between his eyes.

Me: …And if that’s true, what are your plans for your music since you have a family to think about now?

Jamey: (Still smiling soberly.) I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say I am the ultimate family man, but I love to cook and I clean a little. But I can always do music. Now, will I always do it to the capacity I was doing it before I met Tuesday? Probably not. I can definitely say that my family has my whole heart, and I feel like my place is at home with them. You know, at least for the next several years… and like I said, I can play whenever I want, especially since my lovely wife has so graciously afforded me a room of our house… wherest I may sit amongst my guitars.

Me: That’s really nice of her.

Jamey: She’s pretty awesome like that.




I only hope that this was as believable as it was enjoyable to write! If you liked my interview with Jamey, leave a comment.

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