Forever Be Humble

Friends. Foes. Admirers.

Delicate as a white-headed dandelion.
Fearless as a lioness in pursuit of her prey.

Meredith and Cristina Yang
Still blue water and raging red flame.
Pianissimo, Fortissimo

What a contrast.
As conflicted as the characters I love best.

Some would describe me as such
And some rather skip passed – this much
I’m most often, too much
So it’s easier to deal with a piece of me
And harder to endure the depth of me.

My friends know the inner me
They also are aware of what it means to share.

This life.

They get that I have a terrible sense for things I don’t want to know
I have a heart for things they don’t want to show

Because we’re friends, my friend, you get both

And I’m sorry you don’t get to choose
If we’re friends, I’ll try to keep in mind all we have to lose.

Being friends means ….remaining vulnerable.


As for foes, most were close for a time.
Like lambs overnight, turned beast
Laughing and spreading my grief in the streets
Maybe they only wag their heads when I pass by
But they don’t stop to ask why
They don’t care to explain that I’m not what they want in their lives.

But than again, who am I anyway?
At least they know what they like!


My foes despise even my shadow
Or the mention of my name
Thank goodness, I haven’t known many in my day

Having foes means maintaining a healthy level of “I’m valuable”


Admirers may be more than fans.

There once was a girl who was desperate for a pal
I didn’t make much effort, but I tried to be nice
She tried to be funny
And the truth was, she didn’t fit in
Not with the group I wanted to win

Looking back, I thought myself noble – incredibly giving.
But i didn’t care to notice all I was missing

But what if?

What if I’d been willing to take that big of a risk?

Hashtag. High school problems.

Now we’re older, wiser, bolder

I wonder what good friends we could have been
It wasn’t reasonable then
I was more unreachable – then
My heart was far too proud to look down.
But never again.

Whether we are acquaintances, enemies or truly friends
We are all spending the same currency.
This one life – together.

Let’s stay vulnerable with those that love us
Let’s stay valuable, though some abuse us
And let us forever be humble




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