The Best Seat in the House

So, I got invited by a friend to a swanky dinner downtown, a few nights ago. And just when I was almost sure that I had forgotten how to socialize. Ok, so it wasn’t ultra-posh, but it was a little out of my comfort zone. My sister-friend that lives on the West Coast told me I would have my seat reserved at the head table, sitting next to her sweet momma who happened to be the key note speaker.

I had reluctantly agreed to go, weeks ago, the words “Go, for me…” echoing through the halls of my mind. I said yes to my friend, without giving it another thought. Knowing that she wouldn’t be coming, the only reason before me, was the joy of reuniting with her mother, a long-time family friend. How good it would be to kiss her face and hear her laugh.

For the record, this woman looks better than ever! She’s a leading lady in her family, in business, and above all else, she is a woman of great faith. She is quite literally, living the life of her dreams. I have always looked up to her, but… WOW! Talk about a role model. When she took the stage, I can honestly say that no one was more proud to applaud her than I.

As I sat there, sipping white bubbly, I had time to do a lot of thinking. Somehow, I was totally out of my element, and still totally comfortable. Remember, no one knew me at this gala, but my mother-friend. There I was, trying to remember how to mingle; the stay-at-home-mom whose best days are spent at (you guessed it) home. And still, I belonged because my friend made me belong. I belong next to her, wherever she is on the planet.Image

This reminds me of how we are seated in heavenly places with Jesus (Ephesians 2:6). It is not by our own righteousness (good-awesomeness), but by relationship, that Christ insists we sit at His Father’s table, and right next to Him as a guest of honor. We are all His favorite, if we accept His loving invitation! It’s sad how often I think we see how undeserving we are, and believe “someone better” should be sitting next to Him.

How would it have made my sister-friend and her mother feel, if I didn’t think I was good-enough to sit at the front table, but chose to stand off in a corner somewhere or out in the foyer next to the water fountain? It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But only because my seat had already been reserved, correct? This has been such a good lesson about self-worth, for me. It doesn’t matter who doesn’t know who you are or why you’re sitting where you’re sitting. It’s about accepting the invitation, enjoying who you’re with, along with all the perks of having the best seat in the house. I guess it’s all about who you know 😉


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