brave little diverWhen you’re airborne, you only have time to do two things – hold your breath and brace for impact. It’s funny, this road-to-published is nothing like I expected it to be. It has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. I literally would consider saying it tops childbirth. And when I say “had to” because I feel compelled to do this.

a toddler drinking water from a garden hoseLet me try to explain. Do you remember playing in the water hose when you were a kid? I can recall manipulating the hose in various ways to produce different effects. Eventually I realized that if the water wasn’t flowing continuously, (one) either my kid-brother was standing on it or (two) there was a knot somewhere in the line.

Let’s just say I feel like the water hose. There is an endless flow of inspiration pumping through me at all times. It amazes me the more I commit to the creative process (and surrender to the blah-not-so-creative parts), the more unrelated creative ideas I seem to have! I can’t begin to tell you the collective music projects, book series and screenplay ideas that are running through the halls of my mind. I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, the moment I slow down and stop setting goals, the flow seems to slow also. It’s been very well near dry sometimes.

Waterfall and FoliageI’m pushing toward completion with the whole shebang before the end of the year. With the aid of a Kickstarter campaign, I plan to give my novel A Perfect Tuesday (accompanied by original music inspired by the story) the launch it deserves. Truth is, I’ve still got a fair amount of editing to do before printing is even in sight. It’s a little disheartening since I really thought I’d be finished by now. The good news is, I’m not where I once was. The restrictions and limited resources I struggled with all last year are no longer breathing down my neck. They taunt me every once in a while, but they can’t stop me.My feet have left the rock. My knees are tucked in. There’s no turning back when you’re airborne. I know awesome things are coming my way! I was made for this!

Thanks for checking in!

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