Sweet Tea + Lemonade + Golf

Ask yourself. What do sweet tea, lemonade and the golf have in common? Simple. Arnold Palmer, of course! Today I’m over at the Writing Prompts Blog. Read the excerpt here (below), then come see me over there! 😉 Visit my author profile


In honor of the season (PGA tournament season, that is), I would like to ramble on about someone who very well may be considered a pioneer in the world of sports and a revolutionary in his own right. Do you know who Arnold Palmer is? If you’re a golfer, you certainly do. I know his face, but that’s only because it’s on the label of a beverage I enjoy. You know, that ever-so-refreshing drink that’s part sweet tea and part lemonade? I’ve heard some varying opinions on the tea to lemonade ratio. Some like it 80/20, and still others insist on 50/50. I like it the way it comes in the can… (con.t)



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