Who’s the snitch
That leaked all my frailties?
Where’s the Delilah who snipped my locks?


Cravings from A-Z

Australia, Acting and All-things Country – Acting is fun and Australian Actors are….ahem. I like Country Music, just because I do. Bonfires, books & Barefoot Riesling Cello music Divinity candies and a Dobie pup -that’s all I want this Christmas Empathy Friends that come over and stay awhile Giving more gifts!!! Hiking through the mountains […]

A Handwritten Apology

My oldest sister is a poet. She’s seeing a sweet, sweet man. A songwriter. He treats her well and makes her laugh. Makes her feel beautiful, again. Although she’s always been gorgeous. But she’s assured me they’re nothing serious. They just happen to be on the same wave length, that’s all. They’re both artists, just-past their prime, they have children […]

The Act of Adoring

Our souls woven. Like our hands. As we walk. Under star-studded sky. Your mind enjoying mine. Your hands adoringly adoring me. With the side of our faces Pressed together. We’re sort-of tangled. And I need it. Like an icy drop. At the end of my tongue. On a hot day. When I’m spent. At the […]

The Dammed Way

There are just some secrets every artist should know. My long distance bff keeps telling me about this gem she found at Home Depot. What she’s shared with me so far, has completely revolutionized my thinking when it comes to the way I approach making art. I now feel released to process data freely in […]