House Concert

A House Concert Last night, I had the privilege to host a house concert with my best friend, Kimberly Alana. She is an fabulous aspiring entertainer and full of fun. I’m a little out of practice when it comes to performing live, but partnering with my main chica ensured a great turnout. I really had a good time, as I’m sure our audience did also. We played covers and several original songs we’ve written. The cover-thing is new for me. I needed something quick. Of course, I chose wisely and stuck with something I know like the back of my hand. A John Mayer song, indeed. (Actually it was a John Mayer/Regina Spektor mash-up) But not just any John Mayer song. I chose Walt Grace Submarine Test, January 1967. What’s in a name? A lot. Especially when it’s as long as this one.

Pic I snapped of the screen when John Mayer was in Louisville 2013

Pic I snapped of the screen when John Mayer was in Louisville 2013

The reaction I got from the crowd –  it is much like I assume will mirror the reaction of readers that do not typically care for his music. If you watch our recording of the live stream, you might catch the murmuring laughter of the naysayers. But it’s fine. I’m no groupie. I know what’s good. Besides, anyone that’s ever worked on a project for any length of time, knows what it’s like to feel half-crazed and be on the verge of throwing in the towel. I love that Walt Grace didn’t. That’s what the song is all about and that’s why this song speaks to me. In the course of finishing up my novel, I’ve probably listened to the song over 1000 times. No, I’m not kidding. Did I mention one of the protagonist in A Perfect Tuesday is a JM prototype? Hey, as one of my writer girlfriend’s says “kidnapping celebrities is (totally) illegal.” And I really needed John’s sick song-writing skills for my story. So I did what any writer would do in my position, I cloned him 😉 Ok, I’m rambling…

Other news. My Kickstarter will be launching this week, so keep an eye out. It’s called A Perfect Tuesday the Experience. Why? Because I want to let you into my mind and not with involving you in the self-publishing journey, alone. I really want my story to be felt as well as heard, so I intend on making this happen through releasing original music inspired by the book. The last half of our show is on YouTube and if you listen closely (but not too closely, as the quality isn’t that superb), you will catch a sneak peak of two of my songs from the project. Dead Ends and Dahlia’s Lullaby. What do you all think about doing a book tour, concert style?

P.S. John, if you’d like to record or do a live cover of Dahlia’s Lullaby, just have your people call my people ; ) Thanks for the inspiration.

….What can I say? I may be an aspiring author, but I was a songwriter first.

By the way, you should check out this rad animation for the Walt Grace song. It isn’t my creation, but it is beautiful. Poets, Artists, Writers – if you aren’t the least bit inspired after watching it…well then, I don’t know what to tell you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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