The Dammed Way

There are just some secrets every artist should know. My long distance bff keeps telling me about this gem she found at Home Depot. What she’s shared with me so far, has completely revolutionized my thinking when it comes to the way I approach making art. I now feel released to process data freely in whatever form it comes in. Recently I have decided to resist critiquing myself as I go. This isn’t easy for the perfectionist in me. However, this self-imposed restriction of beautifying everything before I present it to the world – it’s just unnecessary. Doing so pins up a lot of free-flow. As “creators” we strive for this flow. I am now convinced the striving is also, highly unnecessary. Trying hard to conjure the purest drop of inspiration, actually dams your way. My friend said she’s gifting what she discovered on accident and she’s sending me my own. I can’t wait! I’ve already made my list of fellow artist that will be on the receiving end after me. Because of this, I will not be disclosing anymore details until I have held this treasure in my hands. I love surprises. I’m expecting to find it on my doorstep any day, welcoming it like the delectable goodness of cream cheese frosting on a slice of red velvet cake. I love red velvet cake. I really love red velvet cheese cake.


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