The Act of Adoring


Our souls woven.
Like our hands.
As we walk.
Under star-studded sky.
Your mind enjoying mine.
Your hands adoringly adoring me.

With the side of our faces
Pressed together.
We’re sort-of tangled.
And I need it.
Like an icy drop.
At the end of my tongue.
On a hot day.
When I’m spent.
At the end of myself.

Follow me-
With your fingers.
Trace my outline.
Know me by heart.

A kiss on the top of my head
I want your breath in my hair
I can feel that you’re real.
Though I beg of you
Even still
That you remain surprised.

Like finding money in your pocket.
When you’ve forgotten.
All about it.
That silent belly laughter.
I want to amuse you.
For as long as I can.

That’s good enough for me.

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