Minor Happenings

She sent up a flare, like prayer
He just bought her a drink
But the door has been locked
From the inside for a long time
He’s wanting
He’s striving
He’s lost
And she’s tired.
She used to care a lot
She’s been waiting
She doesn’t know why
And he’s so sorry

All the pictures on the wall
Tell a story
But they’re all strangers
They’re out of the woods
They made it out alive
But she’s not hungry anymore
That suit is horrendous
And dated
Her skirt is adorably posh
But her head is spinning
Her heart is divided
Because after all this time
She’s only been making this up as she goes

The fence has no gate
She closed that bank account
She put in all her chips
She’s done without
She desires simplicity
He desires….

Her light is red
And the rest of the traffic
Is on-going in the opposite direction
He wants to hear himself
And be heard
She wants to be sure
That she isn’t just clawing
To be associated with greener grass
After all, she has just been making this up as she goes




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