Cravings from A-Z

Australia, Acting and All-things Country – Acting is fun and Australian Actors are….ahem. I like Country Music, just because I do.
Bonfires, books & Barefoot Riesling
Cello music
Divinity candies and a Dobie pup -that’s all I want this Christmas
Friends that come over and stay awhile
Giving more gifts!!!
Hiking through the mountains and Hippy hairstyles
Jesus Sandals (He’s coming back, ya’ll.)
Kittens because they are cuddly and precious
Laughter and Liam Neeson (#mygrampscrush – Also kinda takes care of two craves at once Ireland+Acting )
Making art. Oh, and a mobil phone provider other that AT&T
Newborns and Newspapers
Organic Errrthang
Picnics, photography and Pinterest
Random Roadtrips
Songwriting with John Mayer
Thor’s hair and Trail rides. These two only go together visually. Can’t you see it? Minus the typical helmets you have to wear. It would mess up the “hair waving in the breeze” affect

Unicorn Socks ….winters a’ comin’ and so is cabin fever -Which I have everyday, in addition to my ongoing babyfever.
Vacation with family because we need it ….like, WHOA!
Writing, forever and getting paid handsomely for it. That and white chili.
Xylophone, yes really! I need one.
Yanni, York Peppermint Patties. Because they’re yummy
Zumba partner(s) because I used to be an ripped athlete, now I’m just a mommy, languishing away at home.

Great, I’m whining. But seriously, I have probably sung the Alphabet song 1000x’s this week. And I just realized how many edible items are in my list….sigh.

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