Såvta – The Vanishing Bridge (Part 4)

(( Photo origin )) It’s been a long time comin’…but here it is. The continuation of my Fantasy mini series. First Read Part 3 : A Small Boy and The Bleeding Tree A portion of our underground journey grew narrow and jagged. It forced me to inch along, pressing myself against the cold cave wall to […]

Be Our Guest

Friends, Countrymen… Lend an ear! Today— Writing Prompts, Thoughts and Ideas is hosting my friend Ethan Bethune the Awesome! You know that feeling you’d get as a kid, after you get off the bus and you finally sit down to have your routine, after-school snack? Yep, that. Follow Regarding Samuel and I don’t think you’ll be […]

Good Art

Anyone can buy a painting Hang it on their wall An original piece Worth millions of dollars But very few can decipher Truest value So how then Can so many Take honest pride in the display? Art touches Places we can’t reach Voicing concerns Explaining thoughts Dreams We’re afraid to wrap our minds around When […]