Såvta: Beneath Our Feet (Part 1)


((Photo origin unknown))

Aù slev Nesןü Zèhna
The Seeing ones know.
Oןmet slev Nesןü Zèhna
The Seeing ones find.
Zènhii dä
Therefore, seek.


My world is a stark world of smoke and shadows. But there’s a land below us. Some say it doesn’t exsist. That’s what the Karii need us to believe. But I know better. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. It’s the place where they banish all those that see: Nesןü Zèhna

The Seeing know things not by the way they appear, but as they truly are. There is nothing in the world above that isn’t a reflection of the untamed realm beneath our feet. A place of no return.

I have felt its pull. I have heard the whispered beckoning of the Ancient One. But no matter how gentle His pleas, I fear them. I fear my unruly dreams. I fear what I know and will come to know. Mostly, I fear who I am. I am Savta, a daughter of The Seeing. One day my time will come to seek, as the ancient proverb says. One day I will have no choice.


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