Good Art

05ac99c38767f47340c391b35377d295Anyone can buy a painting
Hang it on their wall
An original piece
Worth millions of dollars
But very few can decipher
Truest value
So how then
Can so many
Take honest pride in the display?

Art touches
Places we can’t reach
Voicing concerns
Explaining thoughts
We’re afraid to wrap our minds around
When you put it that way
It’s understandable
If I hum a buttery melody
To myself
Stirring often
It’s even easier to swallow
Unanswered questions

The sky is falling
And I can’t even cry
I’m invincible
I’ll be happy for
Pieces of you
Your soul
That patch
Beneath your lips
Your imagination
Perfect fragments
Reflecting the sun
I’m one lucky girl
Because my eyes are open
I’m the luckiest

((Photo Origin))

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