Collective Songwriting Powers

I haven’t the slightest idea the reason for it, but I have been responsible for exciting two creative writing challenges with some close friends of mine. The first order of business was taking on random word prompts. In this group, the three of us take turns choosing topics and weekly we each submit our own original song.

Then sometime at the start of the month, I had this brilliant idea to ask my two favorite poets to join me in a fun little songwriting endeavor – just for kicks. They agreed, because they’re pretty much up for anything. They wrote. I wrote. And then I mixed it with music. I think it turned out all right.

If you don’t already follow them, you should. Like, you should do it now. Then come back and read what we put together 😉 Of course, you could also do this backwards, if you’re the kind of person who likes to jump the boundaries and defy all limits. Have it which and whatever way you like. But definitely do follow Regarding Samuel (where you can have a listen) and let’s not forget the lovely Lady Danie! I really owe this phenomenal girl, a lot. Anyway- these two are awesome! And you’re awesome! Thanks everyone!

What the Weather Made of Us
By. Danie Bethune, Ethan Bethune and Allie Owens-Crockett

Am I a building?
Or am I condemned?
Like a thirsty soul
In a desert somewhere
I hear the thunder
But I’m waiting on rain
To drown out some of this pain

Look at what the weather made of us

You’re breathing like you’re made of glass
And all my words
They never last
But any blanket will do
That comforts me
And covers you, too

Look at what the weather made of us

The sky is splitting over us
It’s hard to know
What will become of us
What will become of us?
Never fear, my dear
The storm can’t stay
Since we’re here
We might as well enjoy ourselves
We might as well
We might as well

Look what the weather made of us


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