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It’s everywhere. People share whatever inspires them. And then they show you how-to, you too, can do it yourself! I get a heavy dose of this stuff from watching YouTube, which proved to be very useful when I began redoing my table and chairs. Like a contagion. My creative yearning spread out its roots. Before I new it, I wasn’t merely watching videos about covering old seat cushions. No, I was making throw pillows for the couch, people. And I was zealous about it. I mean, so passionate in fact that I repurposed an old canvas I had laying around. I painted something new and completely spontaneous. This excited me to make other home deco plans.

Although by fostering an orderly environment that’s peaceful and conducive for (1.) Raising a healthy family and (2.) Remaining inspired, I’m not exactly cultivating a garden, here. Taking on DIY projects is empowering and thoroughly addictive. But in life, there are many things one cannot do alone. Growing, for instance. Living things grow. If they stop growing, they’re as good as dead. Flowers don’t ask the sky for a drink of rain and they don’t beg the sun to shine down on them. Well, they may. They may even sing their request as a little song. At any rate, there is no evidence to prove this. Even still, anything alive has need of certain elements in order to thrive. Flashback to ninth grade science – basic biology, right?

By Denisa Luntraru

By Denisa Luntraru

During late Spring, I tried to keep my petunias cut back. The idea was not to worry over how many gorgeous blossoms I was sacrificing to the pruning gods. Because I could have never imagined how many blooms would be produced as a result of my efforts. Self-empowerment is awesome! But there are some things we cannot do on our own. People are a lot like flowers. Delicate. Glorious. The kind that come back year after year. People need people. There’s nothing like a few good friends. This doesn’t mean we can afford to allow ourselves to become co-dependent on what others do for us. But I really think we have to respect the pulse of life. Really learn to observe that eb and flow, throbbing. Without being distracted by it. People need the highs and the lows.


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