Såvta – The Vanishing Bridge (Part 4)


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It’s been a long time comin’…but here it is. The continuation of my Fantasy mini series.

First Read Part 3 : A Small Boy and The Bleeding Tree

A portion of our underground journey grew narrow and jagged. It forced me to inch along, pressing myself against the cold cave wall to avoid slipping into oblivion. But the boy was sure of his steps and cast his light to guide me.

He was such a sweet little darling, with big bright eyes as dark as ink and a sparkling white robe tied together with a silver cord. I wish I had been paying closer attention when he was talking to me. If I had been, then I probably wouldn’t have missed the important details that would have kept me out of harms way. It still bothered me that he spoke to me without forming the words with his lips.

I had been unaware of the first danger and just how close it had been, when I had fallen from the ladder.

“You must keep your feet on the path.” The boy cautioned, his lamp rocking back and forth. “For the Grey will claim you and you will become as they are.”

What do you mean? I wanted to ask the child. Only I didn’t. I struggled to swallow and tugged my cloak closer.

“They are drawn to the light, but they’re one with darkness.” The child answered, reading my thoughts.

We came to the drop off at the end of the path, where the spectral waters from above and the waters from beneath run together. The chasm was deeper than what my eyes could make out. That’s when the little boy suddenly stopped and turned, setting his lamp on a pillar of rocks. He took something from the ground, lit it with his lamp fire and sent it fluttering into the abyss toward the churning Drink below. At once, the Drink crystalized, filling the chasm, glistening like a sheet of solid ice.

“Well… come on” the boy’s voice resounded in my mind, when he took up his lamp and extended his small hand to me.

I knew he meant for us to make our way down the steps of the Vanishing Bridge, which had two ends and no middle. Only I couldn’t understand why we needed a bridge, if the ground had become stable enough to walk across. The scene just in front of us, shown our reflection, so it was as if we were going to walk into a looking-glass.

A whispering rush from behind me, sent me barreling toward the boy on the stair. I did not look back to confirm my refreshed awareness of the creatures that lurked in the darkness.

As we descended, we ascended into a lush forest. In an instant the boy and I were worlds away from where we stood moments before…

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