A Prompting Response


Photo – Tiny Handmade Envelopes – Who I am Designs

I didn’t endeavor to answer every prompting question
I only set out to construct a brief
Comment-worthy note
But it turned letter-like, on me
And it felt so good to be writing
Something, anything
I just went with it

My week? Lol
Nearly identical to every other.
It’s still
That typical
Life in a vacuum
New Girl and pink wine
Quiet, therapy
Horse-riding with Shi on Friday
Updated my phone
And lost a lot of great stuff
I’ve got a few drafts lying around
But I’m making nothing new
Perhaps this counts for something.

And yes, I know
I still haven’t managed to send that package
Because I found another gem
I’ll send it too
Perhaps before Christmas
But I can’t be sure
14,000 Things To Be Happy About
Pretty sure you’ll be able to put it to good use
I kept thinking it’d be a great help to any Writer
So I picked it up last week
And now
To mail it…

The weather? It’s bipolar.
Today was perfect.

Running from monsters…
Running inside
And the door won’t close all the way;
Waking up in my reality
That was my scariest childhood dream, followed by my present scariest dream
Life is funny
I keep hoping someone is filming all of this
And because of how well I entertain my viewers with unharnessed charisma
I’m waiting on a fat check to land in my mailbox
Now wouldn’t that be miraculous?

Best coffee
Anything that isn’t from
Smalltime and uncommercial
Like in the heart of Winchester KY
A genuine, little treasure
It’s my firm belief that
Small towns do authentic best

A maple tree
Wearing her leaves on the ground,
Like a robe
Fallen around a woman’s feet
Her golden glory
Beautiful before
Just as beautiful after
Beautiful then, beautiful still
That’s probably the most vivid
Visually stirring thing I’ve seen in a while
It would melt your heart
It’s right out front
You should see it
I see it come this time, every year

The worst street?
Or the roads in the worst condition?
If that’s what you mean
Anytime I cross the bridge into Indiana
I contemplate what in tarnation
The tax payers are paying for
As for the worst street…
I suppose that’d be the street
Known to be the deadliest street
Murderous and wreck-ridden
In the worst part of town

And. Curtain.


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