This Grateful Score

I wrote this a few days ago for the Writing Prompts Blog. It’s a post on “thankfulness”. Thought I’d do a repost here at home. Thanks for stopping by ❤️ ALLIE


The warmth of
Grace and Mercy
The silent darkness the proceeds
The newness of day
I’m thankful for
Infinite potential that rises
Every morning along with the sun

For the working together of nature
Intricate, intimate
Organic harmony
The blending of peoples
The sharing of stories
The spreading of legacy
For others to follow
Like a trail that starts here
And stops wherever we leave off

I relish understanding
Beginning and endings
The bliss of engagement
Like violent laughter
And soft rain at dusk
The to-and-fro and the roaring crescendo
Are the “musts” of Life’s symphony
It’s the mountains and valleys we sometimes abhor
But we cannot afford to miss our cues
In this grateful score

And all the tears
Like distant prayers
Though unspoken
Aren’t unheard
Only God knows
The weight of glory
A story that none but the angels
Have overheard


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