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Sometimes you care more about a person, than they care about themselves. And sometimes you can advocate without saying a word. These are not scientific theories. But I can tell you that in my roughest times, I’ve never once heard my dearest friends say ‘I told you so’. Though they could have told you (and that, many moons ago) that I usually haven’t the slightest clue about the things I get myself into. But in a number of ways, friendship is a lot about trust. So they trust that I’m fully capable of doing what’s best for me, as I trust in their silent vow, to drag me out and resuscitate me, if all goes up in smoke. I provide the same for them. Tis’ policy.

It would be thoroughly arrogant to act as if this has happened only once.  But everytime- my Dearest Advocates hear what I can’t perceive over blaring emotion. Through the years….over summersalting hormones as well as my vibrant, undeniable passion to understand and be understood. For once! To love hard and be loved that way in response. Listen folks. Wisdom is always on sale. You never have to run out. Buy all you can get your hands on! Save yourself some heartache. And another thing. Don’t be quick to dismiss the instincts of those closest to you. And please do not EVER dismiss your own. This doesn’t mean, don’t take any risks, but only merited ones. Picture this: Skydiving vs. Skydiving ((with)) a parachute.

Are not all writers at least closet risk takers?

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