Amanda Palmer and My Serious Case of Déjà Vu

So apparently my subconscious mind already knows terms like vulnerability and imperfection go hand and hand. Crazy to see the themes I centered my novel (A Perfect Tuesday) around years ago.

Have you ever written about yourself without knowing that’s what you were doing? Writing a novel has been an exploratory process. Initially, I wanted to write about topics I knew nothing about. But as it turns out, these themes have EVERYTHING to do with the person I am today. Sheesh! So hard to admit that, without “Fiction” to cover for me.

But I didn’t see how it had come full-circle until my college roomie suggested three books, two of which are by Vulnerability Researcher Brenè Brown. I’ve been reading them both. As I swiped across my Nook screen, browsing through my virtual library, I was reminded ‘I’ve gotta buy that” …It was a sample of The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, the next book on my non-fiction reading list. Amanda is a singer, an entertainer and all-around…she just plain intrigues me, (honestly) in a creepy kinda way. Not to mention I have only just learned of her. But she’s practically a Kickstarter legend.

Anyhow – that’s when my eyes settled on a familiar name on the ebook cover. I slid my finger. And slid it back. Repeating the same motion just to be sure. And there, staring back at me was….. Brenè Brown. I could have thrown my tablet into the wall! Brown totally wrote Palmer’s forward! This is what happens when art and research collide. On the corner of Inspiration and Self-Improvement. So anyway…. Check out Brené. And peep this video. Who doesn’t love TED talks, right?


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