(Image origin unknown)

“Why can’t you just write something cheerful?”

I ask myself this often.
And I really do try. But by now you all know how partial I am to rain. I once told a friend, who thought I should write an angry song,

“Even raw, angry emotion mushifies
and translates to sorrow.”

And it’s true. Most of the time. Constructing a song is a lot like building a house. Recently, I took up a pen. Using piano music for mortar. And then it happened, the way songwriting often does. Only this time I started by voicing …heartfelt disappointments. Steadily stacking several bricks of frustration on top of that. In the end, It solidified and I was satisfied. Finally, I managed something with a dash of “mad” in the mix. And on one hand I was glad. Proud because I had indeed accomplished something new. But every time I sing it, I find, all the sorrow bleeds right on through.


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