A Place Called Blakely

imageWhen you come around
I know I’m walking in the right direction
Sometimes I find you
And sometimes you surprise me
Like a random out-of-town street sign
With your name on it
Or a vivid dream of you beaming


Do you remember where we were
When you said what you said?
We were probably 14
Standing around in home room
“One day, when you’re famous…”
You began, like you really believed
I’ll make it to the top
And how did you know?
I was well on my way
All those years ago

Thanks, Blakely…

You fought the future
With your hair in the wind
And a smile like nothing on this side of forever
On the days you dance across my mind
I’m glad for the time allotted-me to know you
And I’ll show you to the world
In a way, they will hold you in their hands
As they turn through my pages
They’ll find themselves
They’ll hope again
When they discover a beautiful little town
With big heart
Your namesake
There you go on laughing and wishing
Just like in our memories


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