The Native


The Native looked deep into his lover’s eyes
With much tender affection
Then peered deeper still
When suddenly his face went pale
Contorting as if terror had stricken his heart
He backed away
Wagging his head in disbelief
Some say the Native went mad
And he fled from his love
Into the night and was never heard from again

Who knows what the coyote knows
Who knows what the hawk sees as he circles the skies
Or what the lone wolf feels
When he hears his own cry
Ringing out
Refracting off what’s veiled in darkness

Perhaps he is glad to find he’s not alone
If only for a moment
Or maybe he backs down
And changes his course
For fear of the ghost wolf
Lapping from a shallow pool of rainwater
Glaring at him from the bottom

When the Native ran
Was it from something he couldn’t bare?
A worthy likeness too close to his own
Or piercing weaknesses too close to home
Who will ever know if what he saw
Was far too much of himself

image(Photo(s) Origin Unknown)


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