Feel Me?

Normies aka “the normals”
Talk about feelings
They discuss and dissect them
These individuals range from average to well-above average earthlings
Oh, but if you’re a “feeler”, my friend
Then you can feel where I’m coming from
Without having to readjust your antennae

Because feelers, feel everything
Every word left unsaid
Every change on the wind
Every tonal inflection in a stranger’s voice
And all that
Like hundreds of flaming arrows flying in this direction
All at once
Like screaming kids in a school cafeteria

But here is the question
Do we “feelers” truly feel
All the more intensely
Or are we merely fighting
As if fighting for our lives
To win a brief reprieve
To feel nothing
If only for a moment
That’s where it begins
Feeling is reborn
And becomes to us
Like the first time

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