Just Allie

justallie I am a cherished wife, and mother of one.  But to everyone else I’m a Dreamer, Singer/Songwriter, Indie Author, wannabe Actress and part-time Naturalista. This blog is about anything that floats into my brain, but mainly to stretch my discipline to write and interact with other writers on a regular basis. I have written several children’s books as gifts to nieces and nephews. As a youngster I dabbled in poetry, which to this day has probably increased my love and capacity for songwriting. I especially enjoy songs that tell a story, whether it be true or only true to my heart. These days I still write plenty of music, but as far as writing books are concerned, I have dubbed myself a Christian writer of Contemporary and Inspirational Fiction. I’ve had ideas of penning a Fantasy with new worlds and new tongues. Maybe one day I’ll venture down that road. For now, I want to write about what I know and also what I don’t understand about the world we live in.

Anticipating the release of my debut novel A Perfect Tuesday

Contact info: a.perfect.tuesday(at)gmail(dot)com


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