My dear We are one soul Like two ships Wandering This nightmare has failed me In some strange twist of fate I’ve changed my mind about Happily-ever-afters, destiny and what have you I’ve come to believe again Even in soul mates So you must…. Darling, trust your instincts And follow your hunch The trail to […]


But be careful, My Love Take care when at last you touch me Are any of us more than star dust? Both fragile and glorious Promise me something. That you’ll love me enough not to hurt me Love me enough not to lose me…. Please Keep me in a mason jar near your bed And […]

The Native

The Native looked deep into his lover’s eyes With much tender affection Then peered deeper still When suddenly his face went pale Contorting as if terror had stricken his heart He backed away Wagging his head in disbelief Some say the Native went mad And he fled from his love Into the night and was never […]


(Photo Origin Unknown) I want a cat Why? Because I just do I especially want one for my little kid To love and care for I was privledged to have some really awesome cats Way back when Cats are awesome They also make great friends and muses They’re quirky Affectionate loners They don’t drool for […]


 (Image origin unknown) “Why can’t you just write something cheerful?” I ask myself this often. And I really do try. But by now you all know how partial I am to rain. I once told a friend, who thought I should write an angry song, “Even raw, angry emotion mushifies and translates to sorrow.” And it’s […]