Forgetting Gomorrah

This resistance called distance Has you closer to what really matters Closer than you’ve ever been in your whole life to How “real” feels I never told you… You wouldn’t value what you’re running from Like Lot’s wife loved Sodom I only warned you not to look back over your shoulder And the further away […]


My dear We are one soul Like two ships Wandering This nightmare has failed me In some strange twist of fate I’ve changed my mind about Happily-ever-afters, destiny and what have you I’ve come to believe again Even in soul mates So you must…. Darling, trust your instincts And follow your hunch The trail to […]


But be careful, My Love Take care when at last you touch me Are any of us more than star dust? Both fragile and glorious Promise me something. That you’ll love me enough not to hurt me Love me enough not to lose me…. Please Keep me in a mason jar near your bed And […]