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Inspired Prompt

by Allie Owens Crockett

If there is one thing my dad taught me about the world in my early years, it was to beware of fads. According to Urban Dictionary a fad is a thing that becomes very popular in a short amount of time, and then is forgotten at about the same speed. In other words, a craze or a trend. They come to pass.

Don’t get me wrong not all fads mean trouble. For instance, I like lots of “green” fads. These are movements having to do with caring for the environment, clean eating, and cleaning with safer products in our homes and around our children. Here’s the catch–the quicker we are to associate ourselves as “we”, the quicker we are to fall under the category of “bandwagon-ers.” This is what I believe my father wished to stress.

Let’s talk sports. Most of us have a favorite team…

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Forgetting Gomorrah

This resistance called distance
Has you closer to what really matters
Closer than you’ve ever been in your whole life to
How “real” feels
I never told you…
You wouldn’t value what you’re running from
Like Lot’s wife loved Sodom
I only warned you not to look back over your shoulder
And the further away you get
The stronger I become


    (Image Origin Unknown)


My dear
We are one soul
Like two ships
This nightmare has failed me
In some strange twist of fate
I’ve changed my mind about
Happily-ever-afters, destiny and what have you
I’ve come to believe again
Even in soul mates
So you must….
Darling, trust your instincts
And follow your hunch
The trail to me
Is like a series of snap shots
Puzzle pieces from your life
Glimpses that all make sense
A code to connect my stars
And make out my form in the night sky
Delighting your heart like a child
At the flurry of fireflies
Find me.

The Love of Your Life

image Print by. Anna Dittmann


But be careful, My Love
Take care when at last you touch me
Are any of us more than star dust?
Both fragile and glorious
Promise me something.
That you’ll love me enough not to hurt me
Love me enough not to lose me….
Keep me in a mason jar near your bed
And I’ll shine for you
Until my lights burn out


Image Origin

Feel Me?

Normies aka “the normals”
Talk about feelings
They discuss and dissect them
These individuals range from average to well-above average earthlings
Oh, but if you’re a “feeler”, my friend
Then you can feel where I’m coming from
Without having to readjust your antennae

Because feelers, feel everything
Every word left unsaid
Every change on the wind
Every tonal inflection in a stranger’s voice
And all that
Like hundreds of flaming arrows flying in this direction
All at once
Like screaming kids in a school cafeteria

But here is the question
Do we “feelers” truly feel
All the more intensely
Or are we merely fighting
As if fighting for our lives
To win a brief reprieve
To feel nothing
If only for a moment
That’s where it begins
Feeling is reborn
And becomes to us
Like the first time