Såvta – The Vanishing Bridge (Part 4)

(( Photo origin )) It’s been a long time comin’…but here it is. The continuation of my Fantasy mini series. First Read Part 3 : A Small Boy and The Bleeding Tree A portion of our underground journey grew narrow and jagged. It forced me to inch along, pressing myself against the cold cave wall to […]

House Concert

Last night, I had the privilege to host a house concert with my best friend, Kimberly Alana. She is an fabulous aspiring entertainer and full of fun. I’m a little out of practice when it comes to performing live, but partnering with my main chica ensured a great turnout. I really had a good time, […]

My Friend Hank: Thoughts on Characters in Waiting

I originally wrote this post a couple nights ago, but I’m just getting around to putting it up. Let’s time travel, shall we?  9:51pm, Tuesday: Coffee Shop So I’m here at a local coffee shop typing my little heart out, and I notice this customer that comes in not too long after me. I’ve been […]

Sweet Tea + Lemonade + Golf

Ask yourself. What do sweet tea, lemonade and the golf have in common? Simple. Arnold Palmer, of course! Today I’m over at the Writing Prompts Blog. Read the excerpt here (below), then come see me over there! 😉 Visit my author profile ~ In honor of the season (PGA tournament season, that is), I would […]

Getting to Know You

Can you interview a fictional character? I don’t see why not 😉 How many times have I written about how real my characters have to be? Today’s post is Part 1 of my interview with Jamey Lewis Kusik. This leading gent is a decent blend of John Mayer and the late Heath Ledger. By now, […]