Just Look At It

This next painting is an original by…. A scene of rugged heights and dashing slopes A classic portrait of it’s era From its pristine detail To its vivid depth and use of color See how the airy brushwork draws the eye upward? Its sweeping elegance invites hungry fingers to reach out and… Certainly not! Whatever […]

Amanda Palmer and My Serious Case of Déjà Vu

So apparently my subconscious mind already knows terms like vulnerability and imperfection go hand and hand. Crazy to see the themes I centered my novel (A Perfect Tuesday) around years ago. Have you ever written about yourself without knowing that’s what you were doing? Writing a novel has been an exploratory process. Initially, I wanted to […]

Good Art

Anyone can buy a painting Hang it on their wall An original piece Worth millions of dollars But very few can decipher Truest value So how then Can so many Take honest pride in the display? Art touches Places we can’t reach Voicing concerns Explaining thoughts Dreams We’re afraid to wrap our minds around When […]

Cravings from A-Z

Australia, Acting and All-things Country – Acting is fun and Australian Actors are….ahem. I like Country Music, just because I do. Bonfires, books & Barefoot Riesling Cello music Divinity candies and a Dobie pup -that’s all I want this Christmas Empathy Friends that come over and stay awhile Giving more gifts!!! Hiking through the mountains […]

The Dammed Way

There are just some secrets every artist should know. My long distance bff keeps telling me about this gem she found at Home Depot. What she’s shared with me so far, has completely revolutionized my thinking when it comes to the way I approach making art. I now feel released to process data freely in […]