Feel Me?

Normies aka “the normals” Talk about feelings They discuss and dissect them These individuals range from average to well-above average earthlings Oh, but if you’re a “feeler”, my friend Then you can feel where I’m coming from Without having to readjust your antennae Because feelers, feel everything Every word left unsaid Every change on the […]


 (Image origin unknown) “Why can’t you just write something cheerful?” I ask myself this often. And I really do try. But by now you all know how partial I am to rain. I once told a friend, who thought I should write an angry song, “Even raw, angry emotion mushifies and translates to sorrow.” And it’s […]

Cravings from A-Z

Australia, Acting and All-things Country – Acting is fun and Australian Actors are….ahem. I like Country Music, just because I do. Bonfires, books & Barefoot Riesling Cello music Divinity candies and a Dobie pup -that’s all I want this Christmas Empathy Friends that come over and stay awhile Giving more gifts!!! Hiking through the mountains […]