(Image origin unknown) “Why can’t you just write something cheerful?” I ask myself this often. And I really do try. But by now you all know how partial I am to rain. I once told a friend, who thought I should write an angry song, “Even raw, angry emotion mushifies and translates to sorrow.” And it’s […]

Amanda Palmer and My Serious Case of Déjà Vu

So apparently my subconscious mind already knows terms like vulnerability and imperfection go hand and hand. Crazy to see the themes I centered my novel (A Perfect Tuesday) around years ago. Have you ever written about yourself without knowing that’s what you were doing? Writing a novel has been an exploratory process. Initially, I wanted to […]

American Idol Syndrome

These are the questions that boggle my mind on a Friday evening such as this….. I want to write about real people. People that are vulnerable, and anxious; the kind of people that loose their keys every once in a while or forget to charge their cellphone at night. This may not seem that important, […]