But be careful, My Love Take care when at last you touch me Are any of us more than star dust? Both fragile and glorious Promise me something. That you’ll love me enough not to hurt me Love me enough not to lose me…. Please Keep me in a mason jar near your bed And […]

Greater Than

Loneliness is greater than Longing for A joy you’ve never known Emptiness is greater than Starving for The respect you’ve never tasted Either way Why is such shame attached to these? As if it’s a sin to feel them. All my prayers sound the same Like “Oh my God, I need you to do something!” […]

A Handwritten Apology

My oldest sister is a poet. She’s seeing a sweet, sweet man. A songwriter. He treats her well and makes her laugh. Makes her feel beautiful, again. Although she’s always been gorgeous. But she’s assured me they’re nothing serious. They just happen to be on the same wave length, that’s all. They’re both artists, just-past their prime, they have children […]