Amanda Palmer and My Serious Case of Déjà Vu

So apparently my subconscious mind already knows terms like vulnerability and imperfection go hand and hand. Crazy to see the themes I centered my novel (A Perfect Tuesday) around years ago. Have you ever written about yourself without knowing that’s what you were doing? Writing a novel has been an exploratory process. Initially, I wanted to […]

Be Our Guest

Friends, Countrymen… Lend an ear! Today— Writing Prompts, Thoughts and Ideas is hosting my friend Ethan Bethune the Awesome! You know that feeling you’d get as a kid, after you get off the bus and you finally sit down to have your routine, after-school snack? Yep, that. Follow Regarding Samuel and I don’t think you’ll be […]

‘Tis A New Day

Who is this Allie Owens Crockett?  I’m so glad you asked. It’s me, that’s who, and I’m at it again. I have long abandoned my former blog about nutrition, motherhood and everything green and crunchy. Even still, starting this blog has less to do with me giving up on a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, […]